Natural pleasures

I really do appreciate comments on my blog…but you must first read said blog to know what is appropriate to comment.  For whatever reason, I can’t find it now to be able to share it word for word, but this woman tried to advertise her polyester yarn on my blog.  She claimed it was “environmentally sustainable”.  I got all riled up about it of course, and wrote back asking what makes polyester sustainable.  She never responded (which may have been due to the tone of my response -gotta quit that and remember to work with, not against).  In any case, it seems that sustainable makes it into any and every kind of ad these days.  Green alternatives in thick plastic packaging, chemical-laden liquids with just a touch of something natural, corn plastics, and so on.  That word is really losing its meaning, if it ever really had a clear definition to begin with.

Back to the yarn.  I put a pot on an old pot holder, and the damn thing melted to the table.  Now having read Fake Plastic Fish’s warnings on yarn, I should have known better, but nonetheless I was disappointed that plastic was hiding there too. I mentioned this to my friend Pam, who knits at any and every given moment.  She gave me her perspective of why synthetics are not the way to go.  I especially like her last line in a post she wrote in response: “To wrap things up, yarn choice is a personal one, and informed by many conflicting influences.  But in terms of price versus true value, for me the value is in naturals.  I love working with them, I love touching them, and I feel better knowing that they come from a renewable resource.” Read more..

Beyond yarn, for me this concept applies to products across the board: Everything natural that I use now as an alternative to plastic, simply feels better. I get great pleasure out of them, to the point of actually smiling when I scrub the toilet with the bamboo brush that looks like a hedgehog.  I take much better care of things too.  And going the extra mile to source things non-plastic, really gives me a sense of joy.  I can’t say it enough times: try plastic free for a while, and you will never go back…

As tonight’s motivational imagery, I will leave you with these two choices:

Hermit crab from Stitchin' Fish at the Ecology Action Centre


Hermit crab living in a plastic cap

Plastics, ocean, yarn, creatures… right?

9 thoughts on “Natural pleasures

  1. Hi, I am fairly active in the Environment Site forums (, and from there came across someone trying to do standup comedy for enviro stuff, thought you’d be interested in his video:

    By the way, I really like the pics on your site (styrofoam in oyster, whale death by plastic, hermit crab in plastic cup, etc…), I think images make very powerful statements.

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