A wee little stunt

Why would we choke this statue of marine life with a giant six-pack ring in the middle of downtown Vancouver?


The effects of our disposable habits go largely unseen, particularly in the oceans. But there is no “away” when it comes to plastics. Plastic pollution is out there in catastrophic quantities and affecting marine life in negative ways. We are trying to make the issue more visible.

albatross killed by plastic-induced starvation

Plastic is a material that earth cannot digest. The most incredible wrong is that we use these disposable plastic items sometimes only for seconds, and they last in our environment forever. Nearly every plastic item that was ever created still exists, and the toxic effects of this pollution on wildlife, our environment, and humans are inexcusable. Future generations will consider us barbaric for this absurd use of plastic.

And, ultimately, because:

We want to make a call to eliminate single use plastics from the face of the planet. Let’s pledge to move away from our throwaway habits and embrace a culture of sustainability.

Yours truly,
Plastic Manners, Plastic Pollution Coalition, and Rethink Communications.

Follow our movements around the city with live photos on Twitter #PlasticIsForever

6 thoughts on “A wee little stunt

  1. Thanks for your tireless efforts in building awareness on this worthy cause. What did you do with the beer from those giant six pack rings? Must have been a great, and much deserved, victory party. Keep up the good work.

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