One thought on “Shocking vid on plastic pollution.

  1. SOOOO horrifying ……….. but I can’t help feeling that it’s all like throwing pebbles at waves unless we legislate change at the production & distribution level.

    1. Legislate an end to disposability. EVERY food & beverage container should be “deposit return” ….. make retailers & manufacturers jointly, 100% responsible for whatever they make & sell (INCLUDING THE PACKAGING ! )………. just WATCH how fast things would change !

    2. Legislate an end to petro-chemical based plastics …….. switch to cellulose (wood fibre) based production. Plastics would become more benign & sustainable forestry would be a net benefit to the planet AND the massive waste of wood that is current practice would end.

    John Kennedy committed the US to putting a man on the moon within the decade and they did it ……………. we could certainly change the way we live in a similar time-frame if the will was created.

    Legislating change can only happen if there is political will. There will only BE political will if the loud clamour of huge numbers of the electorate demand change.

    That means that every one of these horrifying, informative, educational or inspiring videos or posts would ideally be linked to an on-line petition on the model so that the demand for change could be funneled directly to Obama, Hu Jin Tao, The UN, Steven Harper (for what that’s worth) & to political & business leaders in general.

    Brave & inspiring as our individual actions may be, it must be clear that it is the SYSTEM that has to change ……… and that requires political action !

    When countries go to war, EVERYTHING changes because it has to. We have to go to war on waste & the absolutely colossal stupidity of how we currently live. The status quo is simply not an option so those who say it can’t be changed should be asked to explain what they think our planet will look like in a 100 years unless we change SOON !!

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