Momma Earth, are we well?

This isn’t particularly nice for me to write about, but I feel it is important.

I have a disease, or disorder more like, called endometriosis. The nuts and bolts of it are that the cells that belong to the uterine cavity grow elsewhere in the body.  Meaning with every monthly cycle, those cells act like the lining of the uterus, shedding and rebuilding.  When this happens monthly in places it shouldn’t, you can get a lot of pain and scarring.  Plus possible infertility.

5-10% of women have it, many of which don’t even know it.  The cause you ask?  Definitely linked to estrogen, but only theories exist; the true cause is largely unknown. The cure you ask? None. I have had surgery, as well as take the birth control pill continuously and watch my diet, making sure I regulate those cycles that cause the tearing of my insides. What the heck does this have to do with plastics?

Since I have stopped using plastics, my pain has decreased significantly!!  My intuition told me that this might happen, but I wasn’t sure.  And I am apparently not alone in this discovery.  A quick Google search proves that women all over the place are finding the same thing. And medical sites and blogs galore recommend that women cut plastics out of their lives, not only for endometriosis, but diseases like breast cancer too. Well plastics, plus pesticides, hormone-loaded meats, and chemical-packed personal care products, which all mess with hormone, among other, functions.

It makes me sad that no one told me this when I was diagnosed, let alone growing up, particularly in my vulnerable teenage years. I shudder to think about the pens I used to mow on obsessively, the household cleaners I used to breathe in and touch, the shampoos and creams that absorbed into my skin to make me pretty and smell nice, the outgassing of my vinyl shower curtain, the detergents that stuck to my clothes, the plastic water bottles I drank from, the wraps and containers that leached plastics into my food, the pesticides on my fruits, the flame retardants wafting from the couch and mattress…and the list goes on.  Horrifying.  Talk about dis-order!

Well, it may have begun even earlier than that.  New studies are proving that plastic chemicals like estrogen-mimicking BPA transfer readily to the fetus. Babies are born pre-polluted. Pre-polluted babies?!  OMG.  And then think about all the plastic toys kids put in their mouths…and its obviously not just girls. Soft plastics leaching phtalates have been shown to disrupt normal development, including feminizing some males.  Deep sigh.  Please read more on this on the recent post on the Eco Baby Steps blog.  I have a brand new nephew Daniel that I love so much, and want him to be “safe” as well as try to make his Momma Earth a little healthier too. I encouraged Eco Baby Steps to write about this issue of plastics, because I am sad and concerned for other children and teenagers.  They will be writing about plastic-free baby products all week!  Check out the first post on plastic-free feeding, and follow the links from there. Awesome.

OK.  I am depressing myself.  But the good news was really that I have begun to feel better by eliminating plastics out of my life and body.  And with elimination of plastics, comes healthier alternatives all round, in terms of cleaning and health care products. Best decision EVER!

The people that sell us these products aren’t going to tell you any of the dangers.  So if you know a woman, mom-to-be, mom, dad, dude, girl, boy…pass on the advice.  Refuse plastic.

Momma Earth, are we well?

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