Presence without the presents

I’ve been shopping like crazy.  I’ve been to all the malls until my eyes were permanently red with recirculated air.  I’ve stressed about what to get everyone in my family and friends until all my free mind space was occupied.  I feel like a zombie.  I’ve and spent all my money on these token gifts, and will likely have to face some tight times in January. Visa loves me. I’ve bought wrapping galore; probably a small forest’s worth.  I paid extra luggage fees to fly to Finland, and in fact have been cold because I had to leave my jacket behind as it didn’t fit in the bag.  Now I am nervously awaiting Christmas and hope that my efforts aren’t diluted amidst the plethora of other efforts.  I am also nervous whether I will receive plastic from others.

Seriously now.

I can’t remember where I originally learned the gift of freedom concept, but my boyfriend at the time, who was/is a total nomad, really took to the idea right away.  It has taken me till this year to realize its full worth.

I wrote my family saying that I was not giving material gifts this year and did not want any either.  My sister replied in agreement, and my father, who has always hated consumer Christmas wrote back saying that a huge rock had been lifted off his heart.  “Finally we can all enjoy the true spirit of Christmas.”  I had cc’d my nomad ex, currently living in a jungle in Bolivia (?), who replied: “Tain, I am honoured to be on the list.  This year I too give you the gift of freedom. This gift is one that you will not need to dust off, pack in boxes, be curious about it in another colour, return it for another size, hope it fits, hang, wash, or dry it. This gift comprises of all my best wishes and thoughts and for that I know I have yours. In return, I also thank you for the gift of freedom…”

My favourite part was the one about being curious about another colour and I would like to expand your list, Luigi.

First.  This year I am giving myself the gift of freedom.  This gift will not dehydrate my eyes, or take up space in my mind or luggage.  It won’t cause panic or a dwindling effect on forests or my bank account.  To you, my family and friends, I also gift freedom from material possessions.  The gift is one, rest assured, that has no impact on the environment or your health.  It will not clutter your house or fill it up so you have to buy a new house.  You will not have to move it anywhere, in fact, it will make you feel a lot lighter.  You will be able to regift it without embarrassment.  I know it will look good on you, and you won’t outgrow it no matter how much Christmas food you eat.  Trust me, you will love it.  All you have to do is accept.

This gift comprises of all my best wishes and thoughts and for that I know I have yours.  In return, I also thank you for the gift of freedom…

Thumbs up for freedom Santa. You with me?

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