The bag is black

While Nino is in the store and I am left mulling around outside due to my intolerance, I stop to take a picture for you guys.

This guy walks out of the store with an inquisitive look.  “Oh, I’m just documenting the giant greenwash.”  He clearly thinks I am nutso and walks away.

OK fine.  The sign might be pleasant to the untrained eye, but come on dude, don’t you get it?!  Last time I checked, taking it easy on Earth didn’t equal a giant plastic sign advertising plastic bags that are meant to replace plastic bags.

Out comes Nino saying that the gal at the counter put his four items in a bag without asking.  When he noticed, he felt so angry that he took the items out and shoved the bag back.  “Whoooa!  I didn’t want a bag!”

I pointed out that he will probably never use a bag again in his life, which is probably a weird realization for a newbie.  Nino thought yes, but said that what was even weirder is that the person behind him had “like 11 bags”.  And it was then that I knew, that Nino’s initiation period was over.   You’re in.  Welcome to plastic-free babe.

Here are a few other pictures I took this week.  My phone is full of these random offenses.


Another misguided fundraiser. For sick kids at that.



Meeting time at my place of environmental organization.


Tasting spoons at an ice cream shop. The owner told me he cuts people off when they've gone through like 30 tasters. 30 spoons.


Haha dummies. Jokes on you.



5 thoughts on “The bag is black

  1. i can’t do the groceries anymore, because i just get so outraged in the store. from every possible angle. people in line must be wondering who that girl is that’s glaring at them with her crazy eyes and flared nostrils. it’s going to give me a heart attack.

    i’m just about to head back to australia to spend some time with my dad and man, he is not going to know what hit him. and his homestead.

  2. Awe, we just are having the same welcome to the club time here 🙂

    Now when we are at the store, Ole (my boyfriend) is seeing products and complaining about how excessive there packaging is! Score!

  3. Maybe I don’t get it either.
    If it is ‘bag’ of any material, whether it be plastic, paper, cotton, post-consumer materials (etc), natural materials, and used to carry items and it is being used over and over again, then isn’t that OK? What is the bag made of in your last picture?

    1. Lizzy,

      A reusable bag is indeed better than a disposable bag. However, the bag they are advertising is their polypropelene bag. Polypropelene bags are also plastic. They are cheap and short-lasting and end up in the landfill for hundreds of years. Ie. not the solution.

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