I was reminded of something yesterday as I was training up my 12 new plastic-free challengers for 2012 (more on that later).  I was talking about purging plastic from the bathroom, and told everyone that I had kept my mascara as the one “treat” item.

Well, I am happy to report that, two years later, I have finally kicked the habit…and in hindsight, the “treat” concept was a little misguided.

Swimming is wonderful without the burden of worrying that my eyes have drifted to down my cheeks.  My eyes don’t get cruddy bits in them during the day and in the morning, I don’t have to do one of these:

…well, the funny thing is that sometimes I still do out of pure habit…bizarre muscle memory.

The best of all, I can cry generously and rub my eyes equally so.  Oh the freedom!  Once again, something I never knew I missed.

I feel all the more, me.

I searched for the origins of the word marcara, interested where the whole practice of masking ones self in such a fashion came from.  I had to laugh when I came across the Arabic term maskharah or ‘buffoon’.

buffoon [bəˈfuːn]n

1. a person who amuses others by ridiculous or odd behaviour, jokes, etc

2. a foolish person

Let’s go back to the image shall we:

Ladies. Please don’t think I am making fun of anyone but myself.  I totally still enjoy a good application once in a blue moon.  I even once tried dyeing my lashes, but felt so claustrophobic having to keep my eyes closed for several minutes as the stinging, likely toxic, substance seeped into my balls.  Not recommended.  However, the good news is that you can “Macgyver Your Makeup”.  As the fancy holiday parties roll on, perhaps this would be a good time to try it out!

4 thoughts on “Un-masked.

  1. I agree in theory, but I wonder how much lifestyle has to do with this?
    You recently moved from “the big city” to a “living off the land” type situation. I’m guessing that most folks you now see daily aren’t dressed to the nines and wearing mascara either.

    When I wasn’t working, I skipped makeup altogether, but once I got back into the office environment, I did feel pressure to wear makeup again. No one said anything (and I’m truly embarrassed to admit this) but I feel more confident in a business situation if I am wearing nice clothes and makeup. My only saving grace is that I try to choose non-toxic options; not much help on the plastic free front though.

    1. I agree to a degree.. On an island or not, I am still out and about, and still very aware of my “nakedness”. And hey! I’m in the city now and presenting sans masque. Let’s see how my participants do too- all city gals who recently purged their makeups…tbc..

  2. I hardly ever wear any makeup at all, just a bit of eye-liner pencil once in a while. Having to remember not to rub my eyes drives me mad! I also think it’s important to be able to show your face out there in the world without having to draw on it first.

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