Subject: A regret.

Dear Natural Pastures Cheese Company,

To make a long story short, I am on a life-long challenge to live without plastic and raise awareness about plastic pollution.  As you can appreciate, I choose to shop in specialty stores where my requests are more easily honoured (not to mention I know the secret to where good quality food is sold).  I came to your Courtenay shop/factory to see whether I could get plastic-free cheese, given that you make it less than 10 meters away from the store.  I spoke with the person at the shop, who would not even listen to what I had to say.  She was short and rude with me.  I left.

Last weekend I held a plastic-free workshop for about 40 people from Courtenay.  Participants were very curious about where I shop, but sadly I was not able to recommend your company.  Instead, I sent people to Runge’s fine foods for cheese where they will honour my request for skipping the unnecessary plastic step.  And they are friendly about it too!  Upon a visit there yesterday, they told me that people from the workshop had already come in.

 In a world full of plastic, could you-would you consider offering bulk cheese sales, or better yet, waxed cheeses?  Or at least tell your store staff to be at least a little more understanding?


Taina Uitto
Denman Island, BC

5 thoughts on “Subject: A regret.

  1. OK, posting letters of complaint on your blog… Excellent idea! Did you send them this as a paper letter, and did you mention that it would also appear on your blog?

  2. Taina, please post their response when you get it. I hope they’ll be more respectful than the woman you spoke to and even consider making a change. I’m so happy to have found plastic-free wheels of cheese at a shop near me. If you buy the whole wheel, there is no plastic or even wax waste. I am limiting myself to that one brand for now since it’s the only one I have found without plastic and I don’t like buying chunks from bigger wheels that have been wrapped in plastic — even if they don’t wrap my specific piece.

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