The first thing interviewers usually ask me is what inspired me to go plastic-free.  I tell them about my mounting guilt about plastic use, the Midway albatrosses, 5 Gyres, and an epiphany involving sardines.   Then they ask me what is hard (curiously they never ask me what is easy).  I tell them this that and the other, but make sure to say that the emotional challenges are often the greatest- i.e. watching others consuming mindlessly, making my efforts seem small.  Then, I tell them that one has to focus on today, celebrating small successes, rather than getting overwhelmed and immobilized by dreary realities.  And that living with integrity is the only way, and all we can do.  Going back to the inspiration, I tell them that everyday I find new inspiration to continue my mission.  Today it is this:

Those, my friends, are magnified sand grains.  Words cannot express how I feel about these.  Think about walking on the beach with these delightful art pieces shifting softly under your feet.

There are more images here

Shall I magnify some plastic nurdles for you?  Yes, I shall.

I’m not sure what the point of that exercise was to be honest.  What I want to say is that it is an absolute travesty to ef up our beaches, these living art museums, with disgusting uninspirational crap that will only serve to distance ourselves and future generations from the best places on earth.

Oops!  A dreary reality slipped out.  Focus.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. When you feel low on inspiration (and those of us who fight your fight know how you feel), I hope you will remember that your work is not as small as it feels. You are one of my inspirations, and your integrity inspires others to find theirs. Thank you!

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