Gaa gaa… gah

My 10-month old son has a wicked collection of non-plastic toys.  Natural rubber, wood, metal, and wool.  I’ve written about this before, but it drives me crazy to see “organic” toys stuffed with plastic pellets (nurdles) or polyester.  Quite frankly, I want to stomp on those toys in the store.  Organic my ass.  Pardon me.

I once long ago also wrote about an experience when I saw this tiny little guy obsessively, addictively (?) sniffing a scented soft plastic toy.  You know the type…phthalates galore.  Horror.  Maybe he was unawares.  But it surprises me to no end, when I see my friends with kids (hi guys), who are more than well aware, letting their kids suck on all kinds of plastic crap.  They’ll even say, “Oh, we have a lot of plastic crap.” and describe how it gets to their houses via other people.  But ultimately, aren’t you in charge of what stays in your house?  Or are you governed by those mysterious others that bring the toys in.  Gah!  And then flame retardants in things like nursing pillows and kids pyjamas?  Don’t get me started on those.  Just one thing…another reason to avoid synthetic materials, which are more likely to be doused with these awful chemicals.  If you care, watch this fascinating talk.  My favourite part is when she says up to 10% of the weight of a kids pyjama can be flame retardant.  Orrr maybe the ad for the DDT nursery wallpaper.

Plastic is bad for unborn babies too.  This was the latest article I read, which warns that the risk of miscarriage increases by 80% when moms are heating food in plastic.  Now this applies to not just say Tupperware in a microwave, which I would hope no one does anymore (?)…do they??  But think hot food in a styrofoam take out container.  My brother told me a story yesterday- he had gone to get sushi and they stuck the scalding hot tempura straight onto a styrofoam plate.  When he opened the food, he noticed the styrofoam was melted to the food.  He took the married items back to the restaurant, who seemed totally oblivious to why this might be a problem.

Buy used when can is still one of my rules, and yesterday I bought my guy a skookum wooden kitchen.  I didn’t sort through the bag of accessories that came with the set, but when I got home I made a few discoveries.


Hey baby!  Suck on this! A cheap play water bottle.  It can “help maintain your energy at a night time level”…meaning kind of dopy?  That’s probably right.  And just for the record, a “glass” of water to me comes in a glass.

And then this:


My first reaction was, no joke: Holy hell, he’s not playing with that!  There’s BPA inside that soda can!  Oh right, it’s ‘just a toy’.

5 thoughts on “Gaa gaa… gah

  1. Every time I see a commercial on tv advertising some new convenience item made of plastic it makes me cringe. Until we have stricter globally enforced environmental manufacturing laws, companies will continue to make things out of environmentally toxic plastic.
    Thank you for all that you’ve done to help raise awareness about plastic’s
    damaging effect to our health and environment.
    Keep up the good work! : )

  2. I think it was here that I learned about the BPA coating on thermal till (cash register) paper – now I’m always so appalled when I see a parent let their child play with (read: chew on) a receipt or bus ticket. And I would guess that even some reasonably plastic-aware parents have no idea about that.

  3. I now have a very visceral reaction to baby’s sucking on plastic toys; I get grossed out and feel a bit nauseated. And, you can take complete credit for my response. Before Taina-inspired plastic awareness, I wouldn’t have thought twice.

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