Do a body good

I recently wrote about some troubling news that dairy products have been found to have plastic chemicals from the processing stage.  Milk, for example, starts it’s contamination journey straight out of the teat, as it enters a soft plastic tube.  The higher the fat content, the more the plastic.  For someone who thought she was avoiding plastic chemicals (including, in vain, buying milk in glass bottles), I was disturbed and made a promise to cut back on dairy.

So I got into making my own milks in a big way and I am here to tell you that it is your day to do so,  if you haven’t already.

Here is how easy it is!  And I’m not going to post a picture of my boob here.

Get a nut milk bag.







Get some nuts, seeds, oats, rice and/or the like.  Decide on your sweetener if any. Put chosen items in blender with water.  Press button.  Drain milk through bag.
















Based on some experimentation, so far I like an almond-hemp seed combo milk, with a few dates and a touch of maple syrup.

Some benefits:

  • No plastic in milk.
  • No dairy for various benefits you can ask a vegan.
  • No more tetra packs if you are buying nut/rice/seed milks.  Not only are they plastic inside and out, some moron thought it smart to put those heavy plastic caps on every pack…because a simple cut hole wasn’t easy enough.
  • Choice of sweetener.
  • No preservatives or additives (like oils).
  • Choice of how creamy.  The more water, the more watery.  I made almond cream in a ridiculously expensive ratio of organic nuts to water… and it was glorious.
  • Choice over flavours.  Here is the recipe page of hemp bag company mine is from. In their words, “It’s remarkable how our little hemp bag can change your life.” Leading me to my next point:
  • The leftover solids can be used in smoothies or baking.  And that makes little boys smile.


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