About Me

I am Taina Uitto, a 33 year old gal living in British Columbia, Canada (originally from Helsinki, Finland).  As many Finns and Canadians, I love nature and think that it should be respected and protected in every way possible.  I hold a Master’s Degree from the University of British Columbia and have worked in the marine conservation field for the past six years since graduation.

The plastic-free project came to me as an epiphany when my friend said something about sardines.  But, as soon as I had decided to quit plastic, nothing had ever made more sense.

The waste phenomenon simultaneously fascinates and disgusts me:  I abhor single-use plastic and our disposable ways really get my goat.   Oh, and I think consumption and convenience should both be swear words.  Yet I am obsessed by these topics.  You can often find me staring at overpackaged and ridiculous plastic products, standing looking lost in grocery stores, photographing garbage cans, taking mad notes about perplexing behaviours, holding my tongue in check out lineups, and so on.  Get me on the topic and I drive some friends, family, and strangers crazy, but this is me and there is no turning back now.

My blog is my space to vent (because in person I try to be nice), connect with like-minded people, gain new (including opposing) insights, and hopefully share a few helpful ideas for reducing our false dependence on plastic.

I recently escaped the city and moved to a small island to pursue a more sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle.  I am a mother of a six month old plastic-free citizen, and the alpha female in the pack of three unruly hounds.


I look forward to connecting with you and am always open to ideas for collaboration.  Get in touch will ya?  plasticmanners [at] yahoo (dot) ca.

55 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am always trying to cut down and telling others, but tell me, how do you replace a plastic computer? You need a computer/notebook/smartphone to get your word out to the world, have you compromised and are using a plastic one?

  2. Hi Taina, I read your article in the Sun today and am truly inspired. I own Vancouver’s first nano- brewery in North Van. We are striving to be a garbage free brewery, and are very close. I’d like to speak with you to see how we can help you, not that you need help, as you’ve done so much! Please email me if you are interested. Cheers. leigh@bridgebrewing.com

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