The plastic free community is growing!  Inaction got your goat? Join us will you?


Plastic Pollution Coaltion. I really respect these guys.  This coalition is just going to grow, with amazing initiatives in the making!  A worthwhile follow.  Great Facebook Fan page too.

5 Gyres. Understanding plastic pollution through exploration, education, and action.  Follow these brave souls as they float in the big blue amidst all the plastic.  Amazing stories- very interesting and educational.

Plastiki. The Plastiki is all about raising awareness for marine debris and the way we view waste. The expedition itself centers around a revolutionary boat made out of recycled plastic bottles and srPET which will sail from San Francisco to Sydney in 2010.  You can even follow the boat!  Click here to get on board.

Surfrider Foundation.  The Surfrider Chapters act locally to protect their community’s coast. There are 70 Surfrider chapters located along the East, West, Gulf, Hawaiian and Puerto Rican coasts. If you love oceans, waves, and beaches, please volunteer at your nearest chapter- check out their Rise Above Plastics campaign for sure!

Ocean Gybe. Sailing and surfing the seas in search of plastic pollution.  This three-year voyage is worth checking out.  Movie coming soon!

Environmental Defence & Toxic Nation. Pollution is in you! Much of it originating from plastics and the toxic things that often live in plastics.  If health matters to you and children eveywhere, educate your self on what to avoid.

Take Out Without.  A campaign to reduce restaurant waste. Participate by sending in your pictures of taking out without.

Pebble in the Pond.  A small group of people in Powell River, a small oceanside community in British Columbia, Canada, taking  action to reduce plastic garbage in their community.  They are a great example for other communities.  Contact them to find out how much a small group of individuals can do for plastic pollution.

Algalita Marine Research Foundation.  Captain Charles Moore and his crew were the first to discover the garbage patches.  Researching and raising awareness ever since.  I LOVE these guys.  How about a donation?


For other plastic free bloggers, check out my Blogroll on the left of this page.  There are quite a few of us, all with our own stories to tell.


Life Without Plastic.  Effectively helping people reduce their plastic consumption, by pointing them toward non-plastic alternatives that could replace the plastic items currently used in day-to-day life.

Parenting by Nature. A Canadian online baby store providing many plastic-free alternatives for babies.  And more- for example, order your own stainless steel straw from them!

To Go Ware.  Bamboo cutlery, stainless steel take out containers and more.  Trust me, these items can go a long way to reduce your own plastic pollution.

Glass Dharma.  Plastic straws are for suckers.  Go glass!  These guys will ship without plastic too!

Abeego Designs.  Do you get a mild guilty feeling when you wrap that sandwich in a plastic ziplock or wrap.  Eliminate guilt with natural food storage solution made with hemp/cotton fabric infused with a blend of beeswax and plant extracts.


Doing your part?  Send me a link and I will happily share with others.

Fake plastic people don’t make anyone happy.  Plastic free= yippee!

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  1. Thanks for the love Miss. Uitto!! So proud of you and happy to help spread the word. Mucho love and support:)

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