Play along with me

Not really thinking too much about it, I made a decision to go buy fabric at IKEA for my drafty windows.  Nino warned me via text message: “Love, when was the last time you were at IKEA?  It is like a 30 000 square foot hell.”

Of course I had forgotten how plastic that place is, but I did know that the fabric comes unwrapped.  I chose a pretty pattern, had three pieces cut by the dude there, who promptly thereafter disappeared behind the counter with my goods.

Taina: Wait a second!  You aren’t going to wrap that are you?

Voice from under the counter:  Yes.  It’s procedure.

Taina: No, I don’t want plastic.

Annoyed face from behind counter:  It’s procedure.

Taina thinking that buddy has one more chance: I will not buy the fabric if you put it in plastic.

Buddy: I can’t have you take the fabric without plastic.  The stickers may come off and the check out people will be very confused.

Taina thinking that this guy takes me for an absolute moron: I want to speak to a manager.

Guy gets on phone and has candid conversation with two managers: Uh huh. Yes. I assume so. Ok.

Guy who still takes me for a flailing moron: Ok, we are going to make an exception for you, but please keep the fabrics together and don’t lose the stickers. (Which by the way are stuck firmly to the stickers do)

Taina successfully checking out at counter:  Are you per chance confused?  The fabric guy said you wouldn’t be able to deal with this folded fabric and these stickers without a plastic cover.

Check out chick gives me a look like I am a moron:  No.


So often we just let people walk all over us.  The moral of the story is that it is your right to REFUSE and if someone refuses back, call them out on it.

The best thing is that I was having fun (my friend saw right through it and busted me as we walked out).  I enjoy this consumer game and most of the time I know I can get what I want.  For the simple fact is that their money, is in my pocket.